I’m Alexandria, the founder of CHAM.


CHAM is here to revolutionise the classic sugar filled fruit spreads.

We don’t believe being HEALTHY has to be boring, so we set out to create a fruit filled spread, that was an all natural twist on your classic jam, and even tastier than your original …

…. and CHAM was born!Β The Original Chia seed fruit spread.

CHAM came about because whilst I love food, it doesn’t always love me back, which felt fairly miserable until I went to study in Australia. Suddenly my eyes were opened to a whole world of healthier and tastier alternatives. When I moved back to the UK I kept cooking and experimenting. One of my favourite recipes to make was my chia seed jam. Not only were my friends fans, so were my mother and my grandmother, so it was a good crowd pleaser.

Blueberry CHAM

Vegan, pectin free, refined sugar free, additive and preservative free (plus dairy and gluten free whilst we’re at it), CHAM keeps it’s ingredients simple: fruit, chia seeds… and a sprinkle of vanilla.


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Keep your eyes pealed for us, coming to more stores soon. Follow our journey on Twitter (@eatchamuk) and Instagram (@eatchamuk).